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Who We Are:

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We are a group of professional, full-time, seasoned agents dedicated to making your real estate experience one that is unmatched in our industry.
Whether you're a first time buyer, experienced investor, or engaging in a commercial transaction, you can be assured you will be well taken care of.
Our experience and utmost adherence to integrity ensure our clients receive the best possible care when buying or selling real estate in the Greater Vancouver Regional District.


Our founding members are two of the most experienced managing brokers in the Vancouver real estate industry.
Overseeing all types of transactions from residential, commercial, leases and assignments, our Realtors are comfortable knowing Heller Murch Realty are there to support them at all times.

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Professionalism and experience is what makes Heller Murch Realty THE RIGHT FIT.

Praise for Ilan and Dale:

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It was a pleasure learning from you over the years. You always went the extra mile and we appreciate your guidance.

You are the absolute BEST! I really appreciate all the support and dedication you gave to all the agents over the 12 years!

Honestly, you are an asset to my business success.

Thank you for being a great manager and friend. I appreciate all your patience and hard work to make the office run as well as it did.

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You’ve been amazing to work with, always there when I needed assistance which has really helped me grow my business and build a very loyal client base.

You are one of the most approachable managers. I appreciate your insights and help these past years.

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Welcome to Heller Murch Realty!

Our goal is to work with our agents ensuring all administration, conveyancing and managerial needs are taken care of, allowing them to focus on taking care of their clients in the field.
The well-rounded experience we have gained in all aspects of real estate from residential, commercial as well as assignments is invaluable for this stewardship.
Over the many years in the business, we have been fortunate to work with many individuals who have become friends and not just co-workers.
We look forward to continuing those relationships from our past and forging new relationships in the future.  
Our industry is always full of change, whether it be rules and regulations, COVID, volatile markets, etc, but that's what makes it so exhilarating.

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